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Back Pain Treatment - Brighton Osteo Clinic provides back pain treatment in Brighton VIC

Neck & Shoulder Pain

It’s a common complaint usually arising from the joints, discs and muscles in the neck and upper back. The causes are many, but typically include an awkward sleep or sudden movement resulting in a “cricked” neck, chronic poor posture (ie at your desk!), whiplash of some kind or even a poor pillow. Often “put up with”, neck and shoulder pain can be alleviated, making day to day living a lot more comfortable.

Back Pain Treatment - Brighton Osteo Clinic provides osteopathy that helps with lower back pain in Brighton VIC

Lower Back Pain

Affecting most people at some point, lower back pain can arise in an “acute” episode from lifting or bending awkwardly. Equally, it can be of “chronic” nature brought about by poor posture or even genetics (ie curvature of the spine – “scoliosis”) Either way, our Osteopaths can help to alleviate your back pain by identifying and correcting dysfunction of the spinal joints and tightness or weakness of the surrounding muscles.

Back Pain Treatment - Brighton Osteo Clinic provides osteopathy that helps with sports injuries in Brighton VIC

Sports Injuries

With a reputation for treating “spinal” problems, Osteopaths are often over-looked when sports injuries occur. With post-graduate Sports Injuries courses undertaken, and extensive experience at both local and professional levels, our Osteopathic approach to sporting type injuries will get you back exercising and playing quickly. Advice is given on prevention and rehabilitation as well.

osteopathy for pregnancy pains

Pregnancy Pain

As many mothers are well aware, pregnancy pain can make this time in their life difficult. Osteopathy is recognised as a safe and effective way of treating pain during this time. As your body undergoes obvious changes, it sometimes struggles to manage them. Our Osteopaths can assist your muscles and joints to cope as the baby grows, making every-day life that little bit easier.

Headaches & Migraines

Many headache sufferers tend to grin and bear it, having tried many types of treatments and medications. Due to many headaches arising from the joints and muscles in your neck and upper back, Osteopathic treatment is an effective drug free way of helping to reduce the incidence and severity of both headaches and migraines.

Other Conditions

Arthritic Pain, Sciatica,
Plantar Fasciitis,
Repetitive Strains (RSI),
Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow,
Wrist and hand pain,
Postural Problems,
Scoliosis, Slipped disc